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In today’s dynamic environment, delivering and sustaining results is more challenging than ever – in fact, data shows that 70-80% of all businesses fail to achieve their goals. The truth is, this trend is not only damaging to the bottom-line, but is further compounded as leaders and employees become discouraged and efforts become solely short-term focused.


Vine Branch is passionate about turning this trend around for our clients. In the same way that growing a vineyard requires the right balance of soil, plants, nutrients, tools and expertise, we work with leaders to balance their resources, revitalize their plan and execute a thriving (not just surviving) organization – that’s “Business Horticulture”.

The best part is our joint efforts not only yield results and re-energize the organization, but save clients money versus the alternatives of permanent employees or big consulting firms.


Vine Branch expertise is based in over 25+ years of executive experience in the corporate world serving both the private and public sector. People say we have a unique ability to simplify complexity and deliver results. So why shouldn’t we use this expertise to help other leaders tackle growth and productivity challenges in their organizations?


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