The 3 Key Components of “Skill”

Blog -11172015In developing ourselves and our teams, we frequently use the word “skill” to identify resource gaps, clarify needs, recruit employees and evaluate performance. But throughout my career, I’ve come to realize that skill is not a single thing. Rather, I believe that skill is made up of 3 separate and distinct components that together can not only improve our understanding, but our communication as well.

These 3 components are EducationExperience and Instinct.

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Your Business is Not Powerball

Lottokugeln rollen auf blauem HintergrundOver recent weeks, the Powerball jackpot has been climbing and is back up around the $300M mark — very close to the level experts say creates a “positive-expectation” for players.  People start to come out of the woodwork to buy tickets in the hopes of winning the big Jackpot.  They rationalize, “although the odds are stacked against me, it’s well worth the minimal investment for the chance to win big!”

In the case of Powerball, this may make some sense.  But unfortunately, I’ve found some business leaders using the same approach without even realizing it!  Here are 3 Powerball realities that simply aren’t real in business:

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3 Reasons Your Employees Don’t Feel Ownership for the Business

Ownership Blog-1 I launched my consulting business about a year ago, after a long and successful career in the corporate world. The reasons for this decision were many, but primarily driven by a desire to:

  • Do the work I’m passionate about,
  • Make a broader impact, and
  • Have greater personal flexibility while doing it

While I’ve found all of those to be benefits, I was taken by surprise with a realization that I hadn’t expected!

You see, throughout my career, I had been consistently described as “committed”, “dedicated”, “driven”, “passionate” and “results-oriented”. I worked longer and harder than expected and believed I put my all into every role I had. I took great pride in going beyond the call-of-duty to exceed expectations and felt confident these characteristics would serve me well in my own business.

Of course, I was right about all that, but my assumptions failed to consider one major difference:  Ownership

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