3 Reasons Your Employees Don’t Feel Ownership for the Business

Ownership Blog-1 I launched my consulting business about a year ago, after a long and successful career in the corporate world. The reasons for this decision were many, but primarily driven by a desire to:

  • Do the work I’m passionate about,
  • Make a broader impact, and
  • Have greater personal flexibility while doing it

While I’ve found all of those to be benefits, I was taken by surprise with a realization that I hadn’t expected!

You see, throughout my career, I had been consistently described as “committed”, “dedicated”, “driven”, “passionate” and “results-oriented”. I worked longer and harder than expected and believed I put my all into every role I had. I took great pride in going beyond the call-of-duty to exceed expectations and felt confident these characteristics would serve me well in my own business.

Of course, I was right about all that, but my assumptions failed to consider one major difference:  Ownership

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