IT’S HARVEST TIME: 5 lessons we can learn about growth from nature

Business GrowthIn the North East US, we are approaching the fall season – a time also known as “harvest time”.   During this time, growers undertake the process of gathering mature crops from the fields, assessing their productivity yields & developing plans for the next growing season.

As business leaders in the 3rd and 4th quarters, we find ourselves in similar activities – gathering data, assessing our results & developing plans for growth in the coming year. Surprisingly, the similarities don’t stop there.  In fact, I believe the basic principles for growth & productivity in horticulture can be key for driving business growth as well.

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How Much Do Looks Matter… In Business?

3a4a866At a conference I attended the other day, I saw a booth providing free business head-shots. Since my last headshot was dated and the one I use here on LinkedIn was a cell phone selfie, I decided to take advantage of the opportunity.

Now, since I didn’t plan on getting my picture taken that day, I’m sure I needed a touch up here and there, but I was quite surprised to see the outcome. Below is a picture of the original shot and the touch-up. Apparently, to get an attractive business photo, I not only needed a face-lift, but a nose job and teeth whitening!Read more…