Hear what some of our clients and colleagues have to say:

  • “Jill brings together a great set of skills. She is hardworking and insightful, as well as collaborative and able to raise challenging issues constructively. Jill also is able to make realistic assessments of difficult business situations, and then take the actions necessary to realize change.”

    Steven Burtch
    Senior Vice President – Business Development, AltaLink
  • “Jill demonstrates exceptional understanding of marketing and strategic issues which are critical as she develops strategies. More importantly, she offers ideas and provides leadership in the execution of the strategies once they are developed. Her energy and attitude are also catalysts to motivate people and drive innovation in a very diverse, competent and competitive team.”

    Mark Wagner
    Regional President DuPont Sustainable Solutions
  • “Jill excels in understanding a complex and nebulous marketplace by driving an efficient process to bring clarity and focus while leading the team to articulate the best value proposition for the customer and then driving the tactical plans to achieve the objective. She is a team player, delivers results and is great in front of the customer. She is an optimist with great integrity. I would strongly recommend her to any business team looking to grow and expand their business. I have personally learned a lot from her and was thrilled to have her on our team.”

    Todd Apple
    Director, Wholesale Channel Marketing, Masonite International
  • “Jill is a great business person, very organized, costumer-centric and action oriented. She is smart and fast. Great to work with her.”

    Marcio Manique Junior
    Global Account & Marketing Manager, DuPont Company
  • “Jill is quick to understand the underlying issues and has an arsenal of tried and tested techniques to overcome both internal and external hurdles. I have enjoyed my time working with her and would certainly again if given the opportunity. She is a strong leader and will get the job done.”

    Carrie Sirois Coogan
    Principal, Sirois, Coogan and Associates
  • “As a Strategic Planning Manager, Jill drove corporate alignment, bringing clearer market space knowledge and an executable strategy first to the global leadership team, and then across the global organization. Her ability to understand a complex global market, and to identify executable value propositions tailored to regional markets was critical to the subsequent sustained 25% CAGR for the business. In addition, development of a robust management system to allow all regional and functional teams to execute against the strategic plan she developed was key critical to the business’ sustained growth. I would strongly recommend her to any business looking to grow and expand their business.”

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    James A Forsman
    Vice President, DuPont (retired)
  • “Jill was with DuPont Sustainable Solutions at a time when they embarked on a significant growth initiative to transform the business … I was happy to be an early member on Jill’s team… Jill built, managed and led the team, providing us with the guidance, training and support needed to be successful. She is energetic, driven to achieve results and was a key factor in successfully the growing our business.”

    Frank Patrinicola
    US/Canada Client Program Manager, DuPont Sustainable Solutions
  • “Jill is the consummate professional. Not only is she smart and understands the internal capabilities of her ‘client’ – she is able to translate that expertise to policy priorities. As not just a senior executive-level ‘member’ of the Council, but taking on a active & critical thought leadership role in developing our organization’s priorities and working within the group to help articulate and implement our goals, we were able to nurture a valuable & valued reputation. In short, she is an SME who is trusted by both strategic partners and competitors to help raise the tide for the benefit of all..”

    Marc Pearl
    Marc Pearl
    President & CEO Homeland Security & Defense Business Council
  • “Jill is a true professional and effectively opened doors at very high levels of the U.S. Government with mutual value exchange focused on primarily research and technology collaboration. Jill is excellent at high level executive engagement, documentation, and follow through on terms of business arrangements.”

    Jeff Fackler
    Global Marketing Manager, DuPont Company
  • “… Jill is a highly skilled professional with an impeccable work ethic. She is a strategic thinker and a flawless implementer … Of particular importance to me was Jill’s ability to analyze difficult problems and develop realistic solutions that could be implemented by the business. Because of her superior skills and capabilities Jill will be an invaluable asset to any organization that is fortunate enough to have her.”

    Brenda pic
    Brenda Thomas
    Founding Partner LifeTurns Group, LLC
  • “Jill provided consulting services to our startup firm and very generously provided guidance around such topics as ensuring we aligned our vision and goals and understanding our resource needs now as well as planning for future growth and scalability.

    She challenged us to think of all of our options in our service offerings, potential staffing needs and pricing options. Throughout our work with Jill, it was clear that she had depth and breadth of knowledge of startups, planning and marketing.

    Most impressive are Jill’s skills in strategic thinking and effectively communicating her ideas / thoughts in a way that her clients can understand. Jill’s energy and enthusiasm are limitless.”

    Michelle Burris
    Principal Innovative Health Teams, LLC